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2018 Natan Book Award Finalist James Loeffler

Monday, November 13, 2017| Permalink
James Loeffler has earned an international reputation as a rising star among Jewish historians. He is a Professor of History and Jewish Studies on the Berkowitz Family Endowed Chair at the University of Virginia and author of The Most Musical Nation: Jews and Culture in the Late Russian Empire, which won eight awards and honors. He has written widely for media outlets including The New Republic, Slate, Tablet, Time, Haaretz, and Mosaic. Among his other honors, James Loeffler was a U.S. Fulbright Fellow, a Dean’s Visiting Scholar on the Andrew Mellon New Directions Faculty Fellowship at Georgetown University Law School, a Kluge Scholar at the Library of Congress, a Robert Savitt Fellow at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and a Fellow of the Sami Rohr Literary Institute of the Jewish Book Council.  

James's book, Rooted Cosmopolitans: Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century, finalist for the 2018 Natan Book Award at the Jewish Book Council, explores the history of Jews and human rights through the lens of modern Jewish politics, charting the twisted routes traveled by the five forgotten founders of international human rights. It offers a panoramic view of a century-long drama about politics and morality in international affairs built around a series of epic events (the Holocaust, the formation of the United Nations, the creation of Israel, the Six-Day War). It will be published by Yale University Press in Spring 2018.

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