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April Jewish Book Carnival

Monday, April 15, 2013| Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

Welcome to the April 2013 Jewish Book Carnival! To start of this month's edition, a few links of note from the Jewish Book Council's own website:

Moving on...

  • Leora Wenger reviews Ester and Ruzya
  • Over at "The Book of Life," a podcast interview with Emily Bergman, member of the ALA Sophie Brody Award for Jewish literature
  • Lorri M. reviews Doublelife: One Family Two Faiths and a Journey of Hope, a book that most people can relate to, whether Jewish or otherwise
  • Kathe Pinchuck, who blogs at "Life Is Like a Library," writes about meeting two authors and a film maker
  • In honor of National Poetry Month, Kathleen M. Bloomfield shares a poem by Marge Piercy and writes about her recent move to DC
  • Over at "Rhapsody in Books," Jill Broderick reviews The Imposter Bride (read Jewish Book Council's review here)
  • "Needle in the Bookstacks" interviews Rabbi Joshua Garroway about his latest book, Paul’s Gentile-Jews: neither Jew nor Gentile, but Both, which explores the formative years of Christianity 
  • On My Machberet, Erika Dreifus recommends three books that are new this spring: Ayelet Tsabari's The Best Place on Earth, Rebecca Kanner's Sinners and the Sea, and Merrill Joan Gerber's The Hysterectomy Waltz
  • AJL has created a Jewish Library Advocacy Kit to assist libraries as they educate their communities about the value of their services. The kit includes materials that can simply be handed to administrators, as well as documents to be adapted and recrafted for each library's individual situation. The pdf may also be found here.
  • At "Bagels, Books and Schmooze," Susan Curtis reviews The Lost Wife, Raquela, and Haven. Also, check out her post in honor of Ruth Gruber here.

Finally, Sami Rohr Prize finalist Haim Watzman, whose books are now available as e-books, shares four stories from his forthcoming book of short stories:

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