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Jewish Book Carnival

Monday, October 15, 2012| Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

Jewish Book Council is thrilled to be the October Jewish Book Carnival host. In case you're new here, the series is a monthly event where book bloggers who promote Jewish literature come together to share some of their best content from the past month. Each month the round-up of posts can be found on a different Jewish literary blog, so be sure to check out Jewish Book Carnival HQ for future (and past!) hosts (and posts!). 

Take a look at the below links, read the great articles, reviews, and interviews, and feel free to join the conversation by sharing and commenting on the posts.

To start, a few highlights from Jewish Book Council's website:

  • This month's JBC/Jewcy Twitter Book Club will take place next Tuesday. We'll be discussing Doreen Carvajal's The Forgetting River, along with the author. Find out more info here
  • Two new reading lists: American Politics and Jewish Leaders + Jews and the Theater
  • Jewish Book Month's right around the corner! Have you seen this year's poster? Check it out here.

Over on My Machberet, Erika Dreifus congratulates Yona Zeldis McDonough on the release of McDonough's latest novel, A Wedding in Great Neck.

An interview with Zayde Comes to Live author Sheri Sinykin and illustrator Kristina Swarner at The Whole Megillah can be found here.

Over at Ann D. Kofsky's blog you can find a giveaway for Brooklyn Love, "which is probably the first Orthodox Jewish romance novel," and a link to Ann on Jewish Channel TV discussing her recent article for Jewish Action Magazine.

Two reviews of Michael Chabon's newest novel, Telegraph Avenue:

  • Jonathan Kirsch's review over at
  • Zachary Solomon 's review over at 

Visit The Book of Life blog for an audio podcast interview with Lesley Simpson, author of the new picture book A Song for My Sister. This is the only book for children about the baby naming ceremony for Jewish girls.

Jill Broderick at Rhapsody in Books shares her review of Dara Horn's All Other Nights here.

Enjoy this month's contributions to the Jewish Book Carnival, and be sure to keep visiting the JBC's ProsenPeople blog for new reviews, interviews, and updates on the Jewish literary world every day. Want a weekly update in your inbox? Sign up for the JBC's weekly email here

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