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Book Cover of the Week: Madonna in a Fur Coat

Friday, September 22, 2017 | Permalink
Posted by Natalie Aflalo

It's officially fall. Season of crisp apples, good sweaters, and warm outerwear, like the plush (hopefully faux) fur the mysterious woman below is wearing. While I do take issue with the cover photo's inconsistency — the model is wearing what looks like a capelet or wrap, rather than the titular coat — I am a fan of the broad's style, and wish I could get a better look at that smoky eye. 

I was really excited to learn about this book, a Turkish classic first published in 1943 and available in English for the first time this November from Other Press. The story takes place in vibrant, interwar Berlin, where a young Turkish man meets a half-Jewish artist who "transforms him forever." (Do we have a magical Jewess on our hands?) The synopsis says the book is about new beginnings, which helpfully ties into the autumnal theme of this post, and the start of the Jewish New Year — Shana Tova to all! 

Book Cover of the Week: Petty Business

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 | Permalink

Posted by Gabby Teaman

After a hot week like this one, you'll wanna dive right into the pool on the cover of this week's pick, Petty Business.

Petty Business, by Yirmi Pinkus and translated by Evan Fallenberg and Yardenne Greenspan, is a tragic-comic novel about a large, dysfunctional, well-to-do family in early nineties Tel Aviv. While the cover is enticing us to dive in right away, you'll have to wait to November to dig in further (November 15th to be exact). We'll be ready for another dose of summer-themed covers by then, surely.