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Notes from the JBC Writing Seminar

Monday, December 12, 2011 | Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

While many of you lounged at home yesterday, JBC and a group of writers and publishing industry gurus spent the day engaging in conversations around publishing Jewish interest books and the process of publication. The day opened with conversations around obtaining an agent and what to do (and not do) when writing a query (David Forrer). Next, Altie Karper (Schocken Books) and Kristine Puopolo (Doubleday Books) talked about the acquisitions and editorial processes, as well as the relationship between the editor and the author. Following a little networking, the group learned the ins and outs of book publicity from Marian Brown and Michael McKenzie and the importance of self-promotion (virtual book tours, twitter, facebook, guest blogging!). From there, we heard from Austin Ratner and Michael Levy about their steps to publication and their experiences with promotion. And, finally, the day closed with a few words from Jaclyn Myers on selling foreign rights and what that means for an author (and an author's pocket). 

While we were thrilled to have so many industry representatives spend the day with us, we were equally excited to hear from the group of authors at yesterday's round table, each of whom have an interesting story to share with the world. A few highlights:

Barbara Krasner's The Whole Megillah features resources for writers of Jewish-themed children's books. Plus, check out her other website here.

Jeri Fink just published her 19th book! Check out her work here.

Phyllis Agins Grode shares some of her short stories online.

Eliot Sefrin's latest novel, Blood in the Promised Land, is now available.

Esther Amini Krawitz recently wrote for The Jewish Week about a Persian-American Thanksgiving.

Darren Pinsker writes for Midstream: "President Obama’s Cairo Speech and the Reset Button" and The Jerusalem Post.

The book trailer for Jeff Oliver's novel, Failure to Thrive, due out in April from DC Books: