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Tree of Codes

Monday, November 15, 2010 | Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

Vanity Fair interviews Jonathan Safran Foer’s on his latest…Tree of Codes:

Tree of Codes was created by slicing out chunks of text from Foer’s favorite novel, The Street of Crocodiles by Polish author Bruno Schulz. The result is a spare, haunting story that appears to hang in negative space on the page. Pretentious? Possibly. But it is also very, very cool. Keep reading.

Watch Out Jonathan Safran Foer and Shalom Auslander

Thursday, April 15, 2010 | Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

Joshua Cohen on the goal of his forthcoming 800-page novel, Witz:

Over Irish whiskey a few days later at the soon to be demolished Brooklyn bar Freddy’s, Mr. Cohen asked, “How’m I gonna convince people to read an 800-page book?” Especially one so drenched in death. “Dark comedy” seems an inadequate way to describe Witz. For all its gags, it was conceived with a singular aesthetic mission: to put an end to the novel of Jewish kitsch, Holocausts with happy endings. “The targets might be Michael Chabon, Jonathan Safran Foer, Shalom Auslander,” Mr. Cohen told me. “When I started this book, I wanted to sleep with their wives. By the time I finished, I wanted to sleep with their mothers.

Read the full article in The New York Observer here.

Check back the week of May 31st to read Joshua Cohen’s guest blog posts for the JBC/MJL Author Blog series.

Moment Magazine’s Intriguing Books of 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 | Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

Moment Magazine lists its “Intriguing Books of 2009″:

Accomplice to Evil: Iran and the War Against the West
Michael A. Ledeen (Truman Talley)

Eating Animals
Jonathan Safran Foer (Little, Brown)

The Clothes On Their Backs
Linda Grant (Scribner)

Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife
Francine Prose (HarperCollins)

Homer & Langley
E. L. Doctorow (Random House)

Israel, One Land, One People, One Dream
Emmanuel T. Santos (Jewish National Fund of Melbourne Australia)

To read the comments on each book, please click here.

“Eating Animals Is Making Us Sick”-Safran Foer

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 | Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

Jonathan Safran Foer, author of the forthcoming Eating Animals, writes for CNN on the issues from his latest book here.

It’s Coming Soon…JSF on Eating Animals

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 | Permalink

Posted By Naomi Firestone-Teeter

Jonathan Safran Foer‘s newest book Eating Animals will be published on November 2nd by Little, Brown and Company. Eating Animals follows Safran Foer on his quest to make the right dietary choices on behalf of his children. He explores the folklore, family traditions, myths, and pop culture that justify our eating habits.

While the book is not specifically Jewish, Safran Foer does sprinkle the book with his Jewish upbringing, including a section “Kosher?” in which he looks at the scandal surrounding Postville and the response from the Rabbinical Assembly and the Orthodox chair of the Talmud Department at Israel’s Bar Ilan University. He also examines animal ethics, specifically in India and the Russian tundra, as well as in Islam and Judaism.

Want more on Judaism and contemporary food issues? Check out Hazon’s upcoming food conference (December 24th):

Join the thinkers and doers of the New Jewish Food Movement – where contemporary food conversations meet ancient Jewish traditions. The fourth annual Hazon Food Conference is the only place in the world where farmers and rabbis, nutritionists and chefs, vegans and omnivores, come together to explore the dynamic interplay of food, Jewish tradition and contemporary life.

The Hazon Food Conference is at the forefront of a national movement that explores the intersection of Jewish life and contemporary food issues. Conference themes focused on Jewish food culture, cutting edge food law and policy, food justice, kosher meat issues, health and nutrition, cooking and gardening, and Israeli food and agriculture.

More information about Hazon and the food conference can be found here.

More for your 2010 (and 2011) Reading List!

Friday, June 19, 2009 | Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

We just got wind (via Publisher’s Weekly on Twitter (@PublishersWkly)) that we can look forward to new work from Jonathan Safran Foer. reports:

London-based indie publisher Visual Editions has acquired two books byEverything is Illuminated author Jonathan Safran Foer. Visual Editions will publish two art books – one will be printed as a die-cut story, and the other will contain illustrated versions of two of Safran Foer’s short stories.

The deal was negotiated with Abner Stein on behalf of Aragi Inc. The first title will be published in June 2010 and the second is scheduled for a June 2011 publication.


Can’t wait that long? Safran Foer’s Non-Fiction Book Eating Animals is due out this November (more from Paste).