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Build Your JPS Library

Thursday, December 18, 2008 | Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

Into series? Into JPS series? If so, you have much to look forward to in 2009! Three-yes THREE–new books are scheduled for publication to build on the following series:

JPS Guides
ewish Choices Jewish Voices
Celebrating the Jewish Year


American Jewish Fiction: A JPS Guide (Josh Lambert)

This new volume in the JPS Guides series is a fiction reader’s dream: a guide to 125 remarkable works of fiction. The selection includes a wide range of classic American Jewish novels and story collections, from 1867 to the present, selected by the author in consultation with a panel of literary scholars and book industry professionals.

Roth, Mailer, Kellerman, Chabon, Ozick, Heller, and dozens of other celebrated writers are here, with their most notable works. Each entry includes a book summary, with historical context and background on the author.

Suggestions for further reading point to other books that match readers’ interests and favorite writers. And the introduction is a fascinating exploration of the history of and important themes in American Jewish Fiction, illustrating how Jewish writing in the U.S. has been in constant dialogue with popular entertainment and intellectual life.

Included in this guide are lists of book award winners; recommended anthologies; title, author, and subject indexes; and more.

Celebrating the Jewish Year: The Spring and Summer Holidays– Passover, Shavuot, The Omer, Tisha B’Av (Paul Steinberg and Janet Greenstein Potter)

JPS’s new holiday series is now complete, with publication of The Spring and Summer Holidays volume

As we move from season to season, Paul Steinberg shares with us a rich collection of readings from many of the Jewish greats—Maimonides, Rashi, Nehama Leibowitz, Irving Greenberg, Shlomo Carlebach, Marge Piercy, Elie Wiesel, Martin Buber, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Arthur Green, and others—and he guides us in discovering for ourselves the many treasures within each text.

Some of the readings teach us about the history of each holiday, as well as its theological, ethical, agricultural, and seasonal importance and interpretation; others give us inspiration and much food for thought. These stories, essays, poems, anecdotes, and rituals help us discover how deeply Jewish traditions are rooted in nature’s yearly cycle, and how beautifully season and spirit are woven together throughout the Jewish year.


Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices — Power (Louis E. Newman and Elliot N. Dorff) 

This JPS ethics series deals with some of the most critical moral issues of our time. 

How do we use power once we’ve gained it? Is it completely for our individual benefit, or do we use it to help our neighborhoods, or society at-large? What kinds of decisions must CEOs and business owners make regarding suppliers and customers? How should bosses treat workers? Teachers treat students? Parents treat children? Government treats citizens? 

Power dynamics affect people on a political level, a social level, and a deeply personal level as well. The newest volume in the Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices series examines these dynamics and includes essays by such fine contributors as U.S. Representative Henry Waxman, NBC Universal Television-West Coast President Marc Graboff, and author and scholar James. 

We’ll report back soon with reviews of these forthcoming titles!