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Interactive Tele-Webinar with Rabbi Telushkin and Professor Kimelman

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 | Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself–Is It Possible?


120-Minute Live, Interactive Tele-Webinar with best-selling author top-50 speaker Rabbi Joseph Telushkin and renowned scholar and master teacher Professor Reuven Kimelman.

“Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) is the most widely recognized line from the Hebrew Bible. There is hardly any Jew, Christian and perhaps others who has not heard this five-word sentence.

But what does it really mean? Please consider:

* Why aren’t we asked to “love humanity,” but just our neighbor?
* What does the word “as” mean here?
* How does it relate to “do not hate your brother in your heart?”
* Does it apply to enemies?
* What is the neighbor’s responsibility to us?
* Does it imply that we are obligated to love ourselves?

If you find any of these questions (or others you may have) puzzling or intriguing, this interactive, live session with two of the world’s best scholars, teachers and captivating speakers is just for you.

Date: Monday April 27, 2009
Time: 9 PM Eastern | 6 PM Pacific
Place: Your telephone OR your Internet computer

If this time is NOT convenient for you, no worries: a recording of the full session is available to you within 48 hours of the live event, so you can listen to it at your leisure. However, you MUST register to gain access to the replay.

For more information about this opportunity, please visit here.