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Book Cover of the Week: Wildwood

Friday, January 22, 2016 | Permalink

Tu Bishvat, the Jewish festival for trees and their fruits, begins Sunday night! In its honor, each year I like to feature books that depict or impart new knowledge on the stately denizens of the world’s forests, groves, and orchards.

This year I was delighted to stumble upon Roger Deakin’s Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees, the last book written by Britain’s celebrated environmentalist and nature writer and documentarian, published after his death in 2006. Rather than a personal meditation on secluded romps through the woods (ahem, Walden), Wildwood explores how the people Deakin encountered on his travels through Europe, Kazakhstan, Australia, and his native Britain interact with wilderness around them, probing “what lies behind man's profound and enduring connection with trees.”

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