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In the September issue of Words Without Borders: Walking the World

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 | Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

In this month’s edition of Words Without Borders, the editors asked writers to:

record their walks to give us a unique ground-level perspective on our natural and urban surroundings . . . [T]hese pieces provide a rare glimpse into the realm of the writer on foot, in his element, and speaking about the world that we all navigate.

Author Agur Schiff writes about a late-night stroll through a Tel Aviv Cemetery in “How Old is the Queen of England?” (translated by Jessica Cohen):

The old dog lumbers beside me, exhaling and inhaling laboriously and tracking my steps with her bowed head turned white with old age. Owls perch on the branches canopying the path, against the indigo background of the darkening sky. They give us sideways glances and emit long whistles like rubber toys. Their eyes are open in wonderment. Read On…

New Reviews on Words Without Borders

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | Permalink

Posted by Naomi Firestone-Teeter

New reviews on Words Without Borders include Kafka’s Amerika and Suzane Adam’s Laundry can be found here.