Dinner: A Love Story

HarperCollins   2012

This is a love story--about one woman, a family and a ritual. Jenny Rosenstrach--and her husband, Andy--regularly, some might say pathologically, cook dinner for their family every night. They split up the labor. They shop early, strategize and plan together. They compromise. They make rules. They have removed most of the major stumbling blocks--emotional, irrational and otherwise--from dinner, so that they can enjoy the meal as it was meant to be: good food, a time to unwind, share news, and simply be together as a family. Her book brings all the best elements of the web site together with new recipes, photos and illustrations, and it has something for every kind of dinner diner. The first section, Relationships and Repertoires (1998-2002) is for readers who do not have kids or for those who do have kids but never learned the basics of home cooking. Between stories of mishaps and mayhem, Jenny shares the family recipes that became the pillars of their everyday. In New Parenthood (2002-2006), it was back to square one--how to cook when you can’t step away from the baby? And Family Dinner (2006-2010) is filled with “realistic, yet inspiring” recipes that have made dinneralovestory.com a destination site for moms and dads.


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