Hoppy Hanukkah

Albert Whitman and Company  2009

Two small bunnies, Simon and Violet, do not remember previous Hanukkahs, but are old enough this year to help their parents place candles in the menorah. They are excited to hear about the customs of Hanukkah from their parents, and enjoy both smelling and eating grandma’s latkes. Grandpa successfully teaches them to play dreidel, and also is depicted wearing a blue kippa while lighting the hanukkiah. There is enough introductory information for a young reader with little or no Jewish background, while the book is also satisfying for the reader who knows what holiday customs to expect. This is a holiday story filled with sweetness and family love, written for pre-schoolers. Illustrations are charming and colorful and are totally appropriate to the juvenile text. For ages 2–5.

Reading Guide

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