Harper  2013


This crime novel, which has been translated from Hebrew, takes place in Tel Aviv, where a brutal rape occurs on a residential street. Detective Eli Nachum is convinced he has the perpetrator and sets after him like a bloodhound. He desperately wants to move up in his job by proving himself with this high profile case. The other characters include Sara Glazer, a lonely, elderly woman with insomnia who secretly uses binoculars to watch her neighbors in the middle of the night; Giladi, a hungry reporter who needs to break a great story and is sick of being mistreated by Dori Engel, his obnoxious, abusive editor; Faro, a crime boss with loyal henchmen, some of whom aren’t too smart; and Ziv Nevo, who is fingered as the obvious rapist, but his case isn’t as tight as it should be. Nevo is secretly involved with Faro’s syndicate, a liaison he regrets when he realizes that he has placed his wife and son at risk. Nevo is willing to do anything to undo his mistake and keep his family safe.

This novel delves into the thought processes of both criminals and law enforcers. We get a sense of the way things work in Israel, with cynicism and chutzpah coming through the dialogue. With a surprising twist toward the end that reveals a case of mistaken identity, this enjoyable thriller will hold readers’ attention to the end.


Elise Cooper's interview with Liad Shohan can be found here.

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