Matzah & Miracles: A Passover Musical and Chapter Book

See The Wish  2012

Ariel and Benjamin Lerner are not looking forward to the boring holiday of Passover. Then their Bubbe steps in with a creative time-traveling experience, which helps them achieve a whole new perspective on the holiday. The children travel back to the time of Moses and Miriam and accompany the Jewish people as they escape from Pharaoh’s slavery and begin their journey to freedom. Matzah & Miracles is divided into four parts. The first part features the nine chapters of the time-traveling Passover story. The second part includes three interactive skits that can be performed at the Passover Seder or in a classroom, portraying the difficult choices and experiences in the Haggadah including “Saving Baby Moses, ” “Moses Confronts Pharaoh,” and “Miriam and Moses at the Red Sea.” The third section includes Passover-themed paper puppets to cut out and role-playing games for the Passover Seder. The final part includes song lyrics from the included CD. Matzah & Miracles is a valuable interactive resource, which aims to amuse and educate. Recommended for ages 4 to 10.

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