Midnight Alley: An Ash Levine Novel

Oceanview Publishing  2012

Miles Corwin, former crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times and true-crime author, brings Los Angeles police detective Asher “Ash” Levine back in a second mystery. The first, Kind of Blue, was one of Booklist’s Top 10 First Crime Novels of 2011. Ash, the child of a Holocaust survivor, a former IDF paratrooper, and a dedicated surfer, has a unique perspective on murder, redemption, and justice. His latest case will bring The Maltese Falcon to mind as people frantically search for an antique treasure while the murder toll rises. One of the murder victims is the son of a city councilman who is a vehement critic of the police department, so Ash is under pressure to solve the case quickly. He must also avoid becoming the victim of an ex-con who has accepted an offer of $25,000 to take him out and figure out how to deal with his estranged wife and his mother, who gets upset when he does not show up for Shabbat dinner. This book will have wide appeal. It is a first-rate police procedural with lots of Jewish values. Ash sees police work as a contribution to tikun olam and works hard to make sure that justice prevails and corruption uprooted.

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