Peace Be Upon You: The Story of Muslim, Christian and Jewish Coexistence

Knopf  2007


In today’s political climate a book about Jewish, Christian, and Muslim coexistence should arouse everyone’s curiosity. Karabell’s work Peace Be Upon You satisfies your curiosity and cures any illusions about true coexistence as it takes the reader historical roads where these three religions and great cultures actually intersect.

Karabell does not sugar coat the truth in order to prove the thesis in his title. On the contrary, the vast majority of this book disproves the thesis of coexistence. And that’s where Karabell gets it right. Because he treats his subject matter honestly and objectively we can better appreciate his thesis.

The author explains what Islam is and what Islam means. He explains that Islam is about obedience and not about peace. He explains that the word Islam means obedience and that Muslim means an obedient one. He explains that a Muslim is obedient to the prophesy of Mohammed and to the laws of Islam. He explains that peace has nothing to do with Islam.

So where do we find coexistence between Jews, Christians, and Muslims? The best example of coexistence is found in Spain, manifested by two sons of Spain, ibn Arabi and Maimonides. There are certainly other examples throughout history during which the communities intersect periodically but calling it true coexistence is really a stretch.

In good times the religions and cultures tolerated each other. This book explains it all.

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