To Look a Nazi in the Eye: A Teen's Account of a War Criminal Trial

Second Story Press  2017


Jordana Lebowitz is a nineteen-year-old grandchild of Holocaust survivors. She learns of an attorney who thinks he has found a legal way to make some of the lowlier Nazis who “aided and abetted” in the murder of Jews, receive a punishment as harsh as the actual murderers. She wants to attend the trial he is about to conduct, one which will include a witness who Jordana knows personally. Before doing so however, Jordana must receive permission from the attorney to accompany him overseas. She also needs funding to help her pay for this expensive undertaking, and permission from her very concerned and skeptical parents who are not at all sure she will be able to handle all that the trip and trial will entail.

This is the true story of Jordana’s lofty and ultimately successful plan. The book is a collaboration between the famed YA author Kathy Kacer and Jordana herself. Kacer helps Jordana tell her story in a manner that makes the reader feel as if he is a participant in Jordana’s journey and experiencing the same emotions she does. The book is filled with serious quandaries and issues but is also an exciting page-turner.

Highly recommended for ages 14 and up.

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