Too Many Latkes! A Hanukkah Tale

Behrman House  2011


Readers will enjoy Codor’s digitally colored, humorous cartoon pictures of the Small family, in this newest addition to the ever-growing number of Hanukkah books.  It is the first night of Hanukkah and because Dad is broke, he can’t purchase decorations or gifts for his family.  As he is leaving his job as Eraser Supervisor at the Tip-Top Pencil Company, he meets a strange little old man who gives him a magic potato, which he says will reveal the true meaning of Hanukkah.  This one potato miraculously yields enough latkes for their dinner.  Then, as they are sleeping, the one remaining potato latke in the frying pan creates a mountain of latkes that rises to the sky like Jack’s beanstalk.  The kids sleep through it all, not hearing the efforts of the police chief and the fire department as they try to bring them down from the latke mountain.  The little old man returns to save the day.  He invites everyone to eat and all enjoy a city-wide all-you-can-eat latke party that finally reduces the mountain, letting the kids wake up with their beds back on the ground.  The man collects gelt from everyone so the Smalls can clean up the mess. At the end, they open the Small Bakery in their house where they sell everything except latkes!  This book should be read after an explanation of the history and meaning of the Hanukkah holiday and is a fun read for children ages 5-8.

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