Book Club Facilitators

Tips for Facilitators from Facilitators

JBC Book Clubs is asking: what does it take to lead a book club?

We started this series hearing from Sarah Rindner about the extensive research she does before her book club meetings, keeping the conversation flowing, and the pros and cons of including author interviews in the discussion. 

In the second installment, Joan Tedlow, a facilitator of three book clubs in the San Diego area, shares her thoughts on maintaining participation, preparing for a discussion, and keeping the conversation smooth and focused. 

Find a Book Club Facilitator

JBC Book Clubs is compiling a list of individuals who are available to facilitate book club meetings. This list will be posted on the Jewish Book Council website for book clubs to browse and connect with a potential group leader. JBC Book Clubs will serve as a connector, but all arrangements or agreements are to be made directly with a book club.

If you are a book club leader who would like to be added to the list, please complete the form below.