JBC Live Chat

"Host" an author at your next book club meeting. Answer the question, "What was this author thinking?" Find out who that character is really based on. JBC Live Chat brings the author into your living room and right into your discussion. 

JBC Live Chat is a unique opportunity for book groups to interact with authors using video chat services.  The program is for book groups of approximately 20 or fewer people, and the group can select participating authors--National Jewish Book Award winners and finalists, past JBC Network authors, Sami Rohr Prize winners and finalists, and Visiting Scribe authors--from our website. Authors' books will cover a wide range of genres and they are available for presentations, question and answer, and facilitating book discussions during the live chat. This smaller setting and "face to face" interaction gives book groups the chance to have all of their questions answered and hear another side of the book they are reading. 

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