NEXT Book Clubs

Ready for a whole new way to enjoy your summer reading?
Invite your friends to join a NEXT Book Club! 


NEXT and the Jewish Book Council are teaming up to help Birthright Israel alumni like you organize book clubs for your friends in the Bay Area and Greater Boston Area this summer.

Why organize a NEXT Book Club? We’ve got three great reasons: 

1. You can meet the authors. Several authors of the books listed below are available to video chat with you and your friends at your book club meeting. It's a unique opportunity to ask the kinds of questions that only the book's author can answer. 

2. We'll help cover the cost of the books. NEXT will reimburse a minimum of four and up to ten members of your book club at $12/head for the cost of the books. 

3. We selected these books just for you. Since you've been on a Birthright Israel trip, we thought you'd find these books especially interesting. Whether you're interested in fiction, non-fiction, stories about war or love, current events or history, we've got you covered.

It's easy to organize a NEXT Book Club! Here's how:

1.Take a look at our NEXT Book Club FAQs and rules to make sure you're eligible, and find out what you'll need to get reimbursed. 
2. Pick a book from the list below. Books whose authors are available for discussion are listed at the top of each section. 
3. Sign up here to register the date of your book club meeting. We'll send you an email shortly afterwards to confirm your registration. 

NEXT Book Club meetings must be held before August 31, 2013. If you have any questions at all, email us:   


Featured Titles with Authors Available for Video Chat


More Fiction Selections 



Featured Titles with Authors Available for Video Chat


More Nonfiction Selections 


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