Selecting a Book


Looking for your next book club title? We have lots of ways to help! Each week, new book recommendations are posted to JBC Book Clubs’ home page (and then collected into a nice little reading list). If you have certain topics or authors in mind, we have reading lists to browse. Or, if you want a handful of recommendations that were chosen specifically for you and your book club, JBC Book Clubs director Miri Pomerantz Dauber is available to hand select books based on your reading preferences. 

Want a recommendation? Personalized recommendations are available here or contact Miri at 212-786-5157 or

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Once you've developed a shortlist, book club members can check each title for reviews, interviews with the author, excerpts and much more, all in one convenient place.


  • For your first few meetings, choose relatively short books and use prepared book club questions. 
  • Thought provoking books make for lively discussions, but you probably want to steer clear of titles on potentially divisive topics, especially until the group has gotten to know each other. You don’t want your book club to break up over a political argument.
  • Choose titles well in advance to give members time to read the book and formulate their thoughts. 

Keep in mind

  • A mix of fiction and non-fiction will keep things interesting. Your book group can focus on a specific culture or historical period. Or you can choose a theme, such as Israeli fiction, women writers, or American Jewish history, just to name a few. 
  • Your book group can focus on a specific genre, culture, author, time period, or subject. Or, you can rotate through specific themes, such as contemporary Israeli fiction, historical novels, women writers, or American Jewish history, just to name a few.