The Forgetting River by Doreen Carvajal

Deep in every family history is a mystery of who we really are.

The Forgetting River is an unexpected and moving story of an American journalist who unravels her Catholic family's long-buried Sephardic Jewish ancestry in Spain.

As Doreen Carvajal searches for proof that her family was forced through the Inquisition to convert to Christianity 600 years ago, she moves into a mystical white pueblo on Spain's southern frontier to crack the secret messages left by hidden Jews – an ancient cry from the past.

She comes to understand that her family's history flows like a river through time – and that while the truth might be submerged, it is NEVER truly lost.

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JewishBook: Hello all and welcome to a brand new #JLIT Twitter Book Talk, now co-sponsored by @jewcymag!! Today we've got @dorcarvajal answering Qs!

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JewishBook: .@dorcarvajal Any new “finds” since your book was published? #JLit

DoreenCarvajal: Greetings from Paris #Jlit

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DorCavajal: Yes! We checked my husband's DNA. his father was from French Algeria. His DNA is dominant for Sephardic Jews. matches in Spain, Mexico

DorCavajal: A shock because his father's name is Mohammed...though he was always secular and his sons insisted he was a berber. #jlit

NYCBook: Hi @dorcarvajal, I'm curious: Are you aware of any customs that are specific to crypto-Jews of Costa Rica? #JLit

DorCavajal: A lot of endogamy-- cousins marrying cousins. Also burying the dead the next day. I always thought it was the heat.#jlit

Jewcymag: .@dorcarvajal do you think your research/discovery would have been possible pre-Internet? #JLit

TheodoreRoss: @jewcymag .@dorcavajal do you think your research/discovery would have been possible pre-Internet? #JLit Why not?

DorCarvajal: Couldn't have done it w/o Internet. Baptismal records online. Connections with other Anusim. Contacts all over the world. #Jlit

EmmaMorgenstern: @theodoreross @jewcymag @dorcarvajal and you also needed the medical technology! #jlit

DorCarvajal: Med tech absolutely. no DNA matches for my Dad, but astounding to see my husband's that followed diaspora of Sephardic Jews #jlit

DorCarvajal: My husband was baptized, but long secular. he was not surprised tho. his father ran away from Algeria to flee a forced marriage.#jlit

DorCarvajal: pre-Internet? Difficult to access records and make DNA connections to others. But could plunge into firsthand research in Spain #Jlit

Jewcymag: .@dorcarvajal how did your career as a journalist prepare you for this more personal project? #JLit

DorCarvajal: Journalism prepared me by giving me curiosity and the openness to watch and listen to others #Jlit just took me awhile to apply to family

NaomiFirestone: .@dorcarvajal Can you tell us more about the Jewish Sephardic dishes (and their stories!) featured at Francisco’s restaurant? #JLit

DorCarvajal: here is Francisco in all his glory talking about his cuisine. he makes his own rosé and little tapas. #Jlit

JewishBook: .@dorcarvajal What has been your family’s reaction to the publication of your book? #JLit

DorCarvajal: parents have been supportive. Cousins have come to me about other mysteries. a cousin discovered me while reading the book #Jlit

JewishBook: .@dorcarvajal We’re fascinated by the idea of “Genetic Memory” (ref: #JLit (1 of 2)

JewishBook: .@dorcarvajal Can you share examples that are being studied in other populations? #JLit (2 of 2)

DorCarvajal: received letters from around the world about gen memories. many shared experiences about knowing a place intimately from fam's past.#jlit

DorCarvajal: Some critics scoffed at notion. But scientists are fascinated by epigenetics and gene switching impact on memory, addiction, health#Jlit

DorCarvajal: For genetic studies, Swedes are now looking at four generations to determine impact of trauma (famine) on descendants #jlit

JewishBook: .@dorcarvajal It's such an interesting field... #JLit

BookGal102: .@dorcarvajal Can you share some of the interesting books you read about Crypto-Judaism throughout the past several years? #JLit

Jewcymag: .@dorcarvajal what books are you reading now? #JLit

DorCarvajal: Reading "am I a Jew" by Theodore Ross, "submission" and ancestor syndrome by Anne Anceline #jlit

DorCarvajal: Read by fire, by water by Mitchell James Caplan. Also a history of Sephardic Jews by Jane Gerber. Love work of Israeli researcher #Jlit

JewishBook: .@dorcarvajal What’s next for you? Are you working on another book? #JLit

DorCarvajal: Right now focused on returning to Spain to report for NYT. Going to walk part of camino de santiago de Compostela to think #Jlit

Lakiva: @dorcarvajal I ask myself a lot re that one. My kids have 2 grandparents, 6 great grandparents who hungered.

Jewcymag: .@dorcarvajal has your daughter been inspired to do any more research of her own? #JLit

DorCarvajal: Next step is to go to Algeria. Town of David. There was a tribe of Jewish Berbers #Jlit

DorCarvajal: Touchy subject. She is 16 and not ready to make a move. Won't force her. Has studied in Spain #Jlit

DorCarvajal: actually she and classmate in France are entranced with American elections. #Jlit

JewishBook: Re: @jewcymag @dorcarvajal well she's got important things to think about! like... boys? #jlit

JewishBook: .@dorcarvajal sounds like you've got some amazing things planned-- thanks so much for sharing with us!! It was great to chat today! #jlit

DorCarvajal: my pleasure. good night from Paris. #Jlit

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