What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank by Nathan Englander

These eight new stories from the celebrated novelist and short-story writer Nathan Englander display a gifted young author grappling with the great questions of modern life, with a command of language and the imagination that place Englander at the very forefront of contemporary American fiction.

The title story, inspired by Raymond Carver’s masterpiece, is a provocative portrait of two marriages in which the Holocaust is played out as a devastating parlor game. In the outlandishly dark “Camp Sundown” vigilante justice is undertaken by a group of geriatric campers in a bucolic summer enclave. “Free Fruit for Young Widows” is a small, sharp study in evil, lovingly told by a father to a son. “Sister Hills” chronicles the history of Israel’s settlements from the eve of the Yom Kippur War through the present, a political fable constructed around the tale of two mothers who strike a terrible bargain to save a child. Marking a return to two of Englander’s classic themes, “Peep Show” and “How We Avenged the Blums” wrestle with sexual longing and ingenuity in the face of adversity and peril. And “Everything I Know About My Family on My Mother’s Side” is suffused with an intimacy and tenderness that break new ground for a writer who seems constantly to be expanding the parameters of what he can achieve in the short form.

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JewishBook: Annnd Twitter Book Club - What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank - startssss NOW! w/ #jbcbooks and @nathanenglander

JewishBook: Hi @nathanenglander! Thanks for joining Twitter Book Club today- excited to discuss your newest book of short stories! #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander: @jewishbook Alright then. I've got my seatbelt on. #jbcbooks

JewishBook: Yes. Get ready! @NathanEnglander We'll start off with a serious question first :) #jbcbooks

JewishBook: @nathanenglander can you fill in the blank? “when you read my book, you should feel ___” uncomfortable? heartbroken? alive?#jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@JewishBook Ah, I can't fill in the blank on that one. Outside of my intent. My obligation to the story. I'd never say how to read #jbcbooks

BookGal102@nathanenglander how did it feel to get back into writing short stories (after The Ministry...)? #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@BookGal102 Working in new forms, translating, playwriting, reminded me of where I started & got me excited about story again #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander ah well what if we revised to "you may feel ___?" you must have had a certain emotional intent when writing #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@JewishBook Again, there's plenty of emotion, but not emotional intent. It's always about the demands of the story. That's my job.#jbcbooks

BookGal102@NathanEnglander What are the pros of the short story form vs. the novel for you? #JBCBooks

NathanEnglander@BookGal102 When it's stories, I'll tell you there's nothing like short story. A pressurized, complete world in natural story form #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@BookGal102 Whatever form I'm working in becomes all consuming. And I get quite convinced that it's the supreme form. #jbcbooks

NaomiFirestone: Speaking of form, @NathanEnglander, what are your thoughts on e-pub? Are you thinking of creative ways to use... #JBCBooks

NaomiFirestone: ...e-books beyond just transferring the text from one form to another? #JBCBooks

NaomiFirestoneThere are obviously a lot of possibilities...have you seriously considered any? #JBCBooks

NathanEnglander: @NaomiFirestone So much is shifting toward the digital. But I hope it would add something--that's what I look for in that format. #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@NaomiFirestone I learned a lot working with @ElectricLit on "The Reader". They make use of the format with their animations, etc.#jbcbooks

NaomiFirestone: .@NathanEnglander The animated short was great. Do you have more videos, or similar projectsm in the works related to... #JBCBooks

NaomiFirestone: @NathanEnglander… the collection? #jbcbooks

 NathanEnglander@NaomiFirestone Been doing lots of projects with lots of folks lately. Really enjoying collaboration. Next up is the play. #jbcbooks

JewishBook: .@nathanenglander, "next up is the play?" can you elaborate on that at all? we haven't heard about it! #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@JewishBook Sure. The play is based on my story "The Twenty-seventh Man." It's opening The Public Theater in November.#jbcbooks

JewishBook: .@NathanEnglander so what was it about Carver's story "What We Talk About... Love" that inspired you to write your version? #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@JewishBook It's not the Carver story that sparked the idea. It was the story taking shape that recalled the memory of the Carver.#jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@JewishBook Basically, we're going to have to find twitterable metaphysics to talk about the connection to the Carver story.#jbcbooks

JewishBook: .@NathanEnglander Were any of your other stories inspired in any way by specific works? #JBCBooks

NathanEnglander@JewishBook Two of the stories were inspired by the Israeli writer Etgar Keret. Not by his work. By his person. #jbcbooks

clearlynaomi: hi @nathanenglander, are any of the stories drawn from personal experiences you can share? #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@clearlynaomi I'd say all stories have a personal element, I've just used more distant settings in the past. #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@clearlynaomi But "How We Avenged The Blums" has plenty of historical anchoring in it, though very much a fiction. #jbcbooks

JewishBook: .@NathanEnglander Can you be more specific about Etgar Keret as inspiration? #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@JewishBook I did a talk with Etgar in Italy a few years back. And 2 of the stories were sparked by things discussed that night. #jbcbooks

MelBroms: .@NathanEnglander who were you reading as you were writing What We Talk About? #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@MelBroms Yes, yes, always reading. (Sometimes painfully slowly, sometimes devouring.) Lots of plays, that year. #jbcbooks

JCCBookFestival@NathanEnglander speaking of collaboration, how was it to work with Jonathan Safran Foer on the new Haggadah #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@JCCBookFestival I have to say, it's been a great pleasure working with friends on projects. Foer & I had a wonderful time. #jbcbooks

AdamTeeter@nathanenglander do you ever feel sorry for your characters? is there any story the reading public gets particularly upset over?#jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@AdamTeeter That's takes some thinking...I empathize with all of them, deeply-deeply. But it's a very specific kind of interaction#jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@AdamTeeter What I've noticed, re: audience reaction, is this book functioning like a Rorschach. People seeing all & its opposite.#jbcbooks

RachMcLennan: Interesting - @NathanEnglander Twitter chat with @JewishBook right now. #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@RachMcLennan Thanks for checking in. #jbcbooks

sharonlikestone: .@nathanenglander w/ @jccbookfestival so we’re heading into pesach now-- will you be reading from your haggadah this year?#jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@sharonlikestone I won't be forcing anyone from my table to read from it. But I'll go to a Seder, and I imagine it will be there. #jbcbooks

sharonlikestone: @nathanenglander uhhh if i wrote or edited a high acclaimed book i'd definitely be forcing it on my whole family ; ) but i understand!

NathanEnglander@sharonlikestone That's funny. Maybe I assume they already feel forced. JSFoer and I both expect to find them on the table. #jbcbooks

JewishBook.@NathanEnglander Which other Haggadot would you recommend?#JBCBooks

NathanEnglander@RachMcLennan Thanks so much. A first, on this end. I usually answer 1 question for 45 minutes. Not vice versa. #jbcbooks

PublicTheaterNY: Follow #jbcbooks for Twitter chat w/ Nathan Englander, whose play The Twenty-seventh Man" is part of our 12-13 season. Happening RIGHT NOW.

NathanEnglander: That's easy. There are endless Haggadot. If you've got a special interest, there's one to match (likely five). #jbcbooks

AdamTeeter:.@nathanenglander are you surprised to see the New American Haggadah on the best seller list? It seems to be the gift to give.#jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@AdamTeeter I don't think I could be more surprised by the attention the Haggadah is getting. #jbcbooks

NaomiFirestone: .@NathanEnglander did Twitter inspire the format of Everything I Know About My Mother’s Side at all? :) #JBCBooks

NathanEnglander@NaomiFirestone Not inspired by Twitter, sadly. Inspired by the idea of giant many-chaptered family sagas, compressed. #jbcbooks

JewishBook.@nathanenglander is there any question you’ve always wanted to ask readers of your stories? cause this is your chance! #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@JewishBook Ah, I'd never ask a question--for fear it might get answered. #LiveAndDieByTheRulesOfParanoia #jbcbooks

saraivry: hey ppl. got a question for dr @NathanEnglander? pals here tell me he's taking them, but use the #jbcbooks hashtag. k? have a blessed day.

BookGal102: .@nathanenglander who are you reading now? Can you recommend any other current short story collections? #jbcbooks

NathanEnglander@saraivry You're nice, Sergeant Ivry. Yes, yes, been taking questions at #jbcbooks--but disappearing again in a flash. Hope you're good.

NathanEnglander@BookGal102 Story collections? Endless. Collected John Cheever a big fat classic. How about Everything Ravaged Everything Burned? #jbcbooks

MandellJCCArts: Following #jbcbooks right now - @JewishBook is chatting with @NathanEnglander!

wordwhacker@NathanEnglander @JewishBook Just saw you on my stream and dropped in to say how much I admire both of you. #jbcbooks

wordwhacker@NathanEnglander #paranoiatendstogetintheway #jbcbooks

JewishBook: .@NathanEnglander hah don't underestimate your loyal fans! but unfortunately we can't push the question again- no time :(

AAKnopfWhat do you talk about when you talk about anne frank? @JewishBook is with @NathanEnglander right now! join in! #jbcbooks

JewishBook: .@NathanEnglander thanks for joining Twitter Book Club today! Hopefully you had as good of a fast-paced tweeting time as we did :)

NathanEnglander: @JewishBook It was my pleasure. And a lovely idea on your part. So there. Thanks so much. #jbcbooks

erikadreifus: Had a great meeting, but it looks as though I JUST missed@JewishBook chat w/Nathan Englander. Will look forward to transcript. #JBCBooks