National Read in the Bathtub Day

In honor of National Read in the Bathtub Day, we put together a few bathtub reads:

The Ministry of Special Cases: "...Kaddish fears his son will be arrested merely for having political books in his bedroom, so he burns them in the bathtub..."

Once: "...But after she is arrested for writing “words that sounded good...words that God would use” on a bathroom wall, he asks her..."

The Invisible Bridge: "Perhaps the grandest quality of Orringer’s writing is her ability not merely to describe and tell the reader but to place the reader within the locale of the story, which ranges from the seamy jazz clubs of Paris to a men’s bathroom awash with the blood of a beaten friend..."

The Lost Minyan: "The Conversos pass on their old ways to their children by teaching them the Jewish laws of circumcision, eating kosher, bathing, refraining from work on the Sabbath, and burial of their dead, while admonishing them never to speak of their secret beliefs."

Fault Lines: "'So how’s life in the bathroom, Sadie?'" 

Light Lowering in Diminished Sevenths: "I’m jolted awake in thick dark en route to the bathroom, gripping soft walls that collapse in a clatter of hangers."