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David Misch has been a comic folksinger and stand-up comic.  His screenwriting credits include “Mork and Mindy”, “Police Squad!”, The Muppets Take Manhattan, “Saturday Night Live”, and “Duckman”.  He blogs for The Huffington Post (huffington-post.com/david-misch) and his play “Occupied” is scheduled to be produced later this year in Los Angeles. He's taught comedy at USC and UCLA.




Articles, Interviews, Reviews:

Article about David Misch and Funny: The Book by George Altshuler on jweekly.com

Blurbs and Praise:

It takes a serious mind to analyze comedy.  It takes a funny mind to appreciate it.  David Misch is of two minds.
– Jason Alexander

I love that David Misch wrote the perfect bedside book.  You can refer to it any time you want to smile before going to sleep.

– Carl Reiner

For more blurbs and reviews, visit www.funnythebook.com/reviews/

Community Feedback:

Our audience thoroughly enjoyed David’s presentation, which traced humor from its origins in ancient and classical cultures to the sitcoms of today.  Interspersing humor with facts, Misch gives unique insight into the world of comedy. –Kaisa Gondek, Skirball Cultural Center (Los Angeles)

Everything you wanted to know about comedy (and then some) is answered in David Misch’s funny and enlightening journey through the history of comedy.  New-found knowledge and lots of laughs are the result of a thoroughly choreographed presentation that includes clips of classic routines and tales of tricksters from different cultures and times. –Marilyn Hassid, Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston

David gave a funny and fascinating talk about the history of comedy and the anthropology of laughter, complete with great video clips from some of the best TV and movie comedies ever made.  David was wonderful to work with, from the planning stages through the night of the event, and made sure I had everything I needed to publicize the program. –Ivy Weston, Santa Monica Public Library

A witty night of weaving the history, culture and need for comedy. A must for anyone who loves to laugh! – Aimee Koller, Jaffe Family Jewish Book Festival; Virginia Beach, Virginia

David was a total delight and oh so entertaining. The only complaint we had was that we wanted more time with him. –Joy Blondheim, Agudath Synagogue in Montgomery, AL

David enthralled the large audience with a perfect balance of interesting history lessons about comedy and his own finely-tuned sense of humor. Whether listening to him speak, engaging him in conversation, or reading his book, you too will be enthralled. –Ann Spector, St. Louis Jewish Book Festival

An amazing funny evening. Made us want to see so much more! –Suzanne Swift, Valley of the Sun Jewish Book & Cultural Arts Fair, Scottsdale, AZ


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