Sami Rohr Library of Recorded Yiddish Books

Yiddish, a language without a country, has an estimated five million speakers throughout the world. Recently, the language has seen a resurgence in interest, particularly among younger generations looking to reconnect with their heritage, and the number of speakers is increasing with the growth of Yiddish language programs in universities and adult education settings. In 1990, Isaac Bashevis Singer, in his speech delivered upon receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature, said we haven't seen the end of Yiddish. He was correct.

To help in preserving classic Yiddish literature in its original tongue, Sami Rohr has commissioned a set of thirty "talking books." This represents the finest in Yiddish literature. Each selection is recorded by a Yiddish speaker. Among the authors represented are Sholom Aleichem, Sholom Asch and sixteen other greats in the literary world. 

Di brider Ashkenazi by I. J. Singer

The Sami Rohr Library of Recorded Yiddish Books is now available. 

In order to increase accessibility to a wider readership, the Rohr Family will provide a generous grant to all libraries and Judaic studies programs interested in purchasing the complete set. The regular price for the set of thirty recorded books is $1,200. Libraries and Judaic studies programs are eligible for a grant of 87% of the price of the set. If you are a qualifying institution the cost to you will be $160. This offer requires the purchase of the entire set.

For more information or to request a grant application, contact the Jewish Book Council office at 212-201-2920 or

Sami Rohr Library of Recorded Yiddish Books: 

ƒ Fun Kasrilevke, by Sholem Aleichem
ƒ Geklibene dertseylungen, by Sholem Aleichem 
ƒ Motl peysi dem khazns, by Sholem Aleichem
ƒ Tevye der milkhiker, by Sholem Aleichem 
ƒ Der Tilim Yid, by Sholem Asch 
ƒ Kidesh hashem, by Sholem Asch
ƒ Petersburg, by Sholem Asch 
ƒ A shtetl, by Sholem Asch
ƒ Oyf di felder fun Treblinke, by Rachel Auerbach 
ƒ Arum vokzal , by David Bergelson 
ƒ Di ershte bagegenish, by Bella Chagall
ƒ Zelmenyaner, by Moshe Kulbak 
ƒ Oyfn zeydns felder, by Isaac Metzker
ƒ Riva Yosef Bluntsyes, by Der Nister 
ƒ Roman fun a ferd ganef, by Joseph Opatoshu 
ƒ Ven Polyn iz gefaln,  Joseph Opatoshu
ƒ Dray matones un andere dertseylungen, by I.L. Peretz
ƒ Folkstimlekhe geshikhtn, by I.L. Peretz
ƒ Hasidish, by I.L. Peretz 
ƒ Mayse-bukh fun mayn lebn-Mayn leksikon, by Melekh Ravitch 
ƒ Dertseylungen, by Abraham Reisen
ƒ Di kliatshe, by Mendele Moykher Sforim 
ƒ Der knekht, by Isaac Bashevis Singer 
ƒ Gimpl Tam un andere dertseylungen, by Isaac Bashevis Singer 
ƒ Mayn tatn’s bes-din shtub, by Isaac Bashevis Singer 
ƒ Dertseylungen, by I.J. Singer
ƒ Di brider Ashkenazi, by I.J. Singer
ƒ Di mishpokhe Karnovski, by I.J. Singer 
ƒ Poyln: bk. 2, “Kinder yorn,” by Yehiel Yeshiaa Trunk 
ƒ A shtetl, by Isaac Meir Weissenberg