Am I a Jewish Writer?

JBC authors consider what it means to be a Jewish writer:

Are You a Jewish Writer? by Joshua Henkin
Are you a Jewish writer? This is a question that Moment Magazine asked a number of writers recently, and it’s a question I often get asked, and by and large most writers I know who get asked this question end up bridling or being flummoxed or acting generally tongue-tied. I know I do.

Am I a Jewish Writer or a Writer Who Happens to Be Jewish? by Ellen Feldman
Recently, when talking to a women’s group of a New York City temple, one of the members asked if my next book would have a Jewish theme. Before I could answer, another woman said, “Of course, it will. She’s a Jewish writer.”

Writing “Jewish” Fiction by Allegra Goodman
Jewish literature means different things to different people. It can mean writing by a Jewish author, writing about Jewish culture, writing about Jews, or writing about Judaism as a religion.

What Makes a Short Story Jewish? by David Ebenbach
I think most Jewish writers, at one time or another, face the question of what makes them Jewish writers, as opposed to just writers.

What Makes a Creative Process Jewish? by David Ebenbach
Is my fiction Jewish? In my last blog post I came to a firm conclusion: yes—and no.

Jewish Writer by David Ebenbach
Being a Jewish writer is no different from being any other kind of writer. I don’t believe that Jewish writers have any special mission, or that they see the world in a different way, which would give them any advantage over other writers.

Five Jewish Writers Walk Into a Bookstore... by Joseph Winkler
A Jewish joke: what do you get when you stick five contemporary, talented Jewish writers on a panel?

The Complication of the Jewish Writer Question by Daniel Torday
About three days after my second daughter, Delia, was born, I got a call from the editor of a novella I’d published the previous year. She said, “Congratulations!” I thought she was talking about the new baby. After three long minutes of my bumbling about diapers and sleeplessness she said, “You don’t know, do you? You won the National Jewish Book Award!”