The Novella

In 2012, The Atlantic published an article entitled "The Return of the Novella, the Original #Longread," in which Joe Fassler examined the role of the novella in the publishing industry ("...the 50,000-Word Abyss"), tipping a large hat to Melville House Publishing, the first publisher to publish a novella series (The Art of the Novella). Smitten by Fassler's final paragraph--his own definition of the novella--we thought we'd curate a reading list of novellas on our site, which you can find below. But, first, Fassler's paragraph:

Let's define the novella, this way, then: a narrative of middle length with nothing wrong with it, an ideal iteration of its own terms, that can devoured within a single day of reading. I think I'm not alone when I say this is the kind of reading I like best. On a summer Sunday, sometime. We fall under the book's spell in the morning. A friend knocks, the phone rings, the mail clunks through the mail slot. There won't be any stopping until there's nothing left to read. The tempo builds until the pages turn with feverish speed, the sun burns hot and starts to dim. Finally, we're released sometime before dinner. The spell lingers on all through the evening until, at night, we dream.