Have questions about the JBC Network program? Think you might want to join as an author or as a Network site but still have a few questions? See below for some frequently asked questions by authors and by program coordinators.

Author FAQs
Program Coordinator FAQs


Author FAQs

What are the advantages of being a JBC Network author? 

The JBC Network is a platform that can showcase your book to over 120 member sites around the United States.
With roughly over 120 member sites, a JBC Network tour can bring your book into cities around North America.
As publishers have known for years, the appearance of an author in a particular community boosts the sales of the book—even if only a few copies are sold at an event itself, online sales, e-book sales, and off-site hard copy sales figures are all affected. 
The JBC Network program introduces new works to a targeted Jewish audience of people who are interested in promoting your book. 
Beyond making the JBC Network membership aware of new books, Network books are publicized to Jewish Book Council’s print and online subscription lists, and on the JBC website. 
Additionally, any time an author is invited to speak at an event, that author receives additional publicity in the form of local radio or newspaper ads placed by the host site, the bulletins and brochures of the host site that are sent out to thousands of households, and social media campaigns designed to bring in an audience and raise the community’s awareness of your book. 

How many events does an author typically receive on the JBC Network tour?

There is no "typical" number of events, but on average participating authors receive 3 – 5 invitations. Some get as many as 35 and others receive 1 or none. There is no guarantee that an author may even get selected.

How many books are guaranteed at an event? 

Just like at a bookstore reading, book sales at these events are not guaranteed and vary. And, as mentioned above, the book sales at the events do not account for the "ripple effect" that occurs when an author visits a community--specifically, the number of books that are bought off-site or online or for e-readers as a result of the publicity and marketing for the event.

Does the Jewish Book Council decide which authors will go out on tour to which communities?

 The JBC Network members each operate independently, making arrangements and selections for their own programs. Jewish Book Council is not part of that decision-making process; rather, it facilitates and coordinates the requests of its Network members. 

I’d like to participate in the JBC Network program, but I can’t attend the Meet the Author event at the conference. Can I still participate?

It is possible to participate in the JBC Network and not attend the conference; however, it is not recommended. If you choose to participate, your book will be distributed to the Network members, and your name and book will appear in the publication that is prepared each year for the JBC Network. Both are used in programming and book-buying. However, most program coordinators prefer to hear an author in person before they determine if that author is a good fit for their respective community, and those authors that appear have a significant advantage.

How do the Meet the Author events work? Is it really possible to share anything about my book when I only have two minutes to speak at a Meet the Author event? 

First, please note: you only attend the conference for one time slot during the three-day conference, you will not be attending the entire three day conference. Second: every year, disbelieving new authors ask us, “Really? Just two minutes?” But take it from us, it’s surprisingly effective (and yes, we do time you). Authors often end up enjoying it! Don’t just take our word for it; check out what past authors have had to say:

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Mediabistro on the Network conference and The New York Times write-up on the event

Program Coordinator FAQs

When is the best time to join the JBC Network?

The JBC Network membership year runs from April 1 to March 31st. However, if you want to receive all of the information regarding the annual conference and registration when it becomes available, it is best to join in January. Your official membership will be held until April, but you will be on all mailings and contact lists for information about the upcoming year.

Is there a limit to how many authors my organization can request in a year?

A JBC Network member site can request as many authors and schedule as many programs in a year as they wish. Acceptance of the request is dependent upon the individual author's availability. 

Is it a problem if I have co-sponsors for an event who are not part of the Network?

We're happy to work with you on a co-sponsored event if all communications for the event go through the JBC Network member site and its designated contact person. Co-sponsors are a great way to increase audience size and publicity, develop a stronger program, and build community relations.