JBC Network Site Registration Instructions

This information will only be useful once registration goes live in January 2019.

Jewish Book Council is working with the Regpack registration system again in efforts to improve the process for enrolling in the JBC Network for members and authors alike. Please set up a new login using your email and a password to the JBC Network Member Site form. Once you have completed the membership form, you will be taken to your Regpack user dashboard, where you will find a blue button in the upper right hand corner to + ADD ANOTHER REGISTRANT. If you plan to attend the 2019 JBC Network Conference (held May 21 – 23 in New York City), please click this button and to add “Conference” registrations for each attending delegate from your organization. All registrant's fees must be paid by network sites by check or credit card.

As a reminder: Conference registration is not complete until your organization’s JBC Network membership registration is complete and dues are paid in full. Each attending site must register one Lead Staff participant in order to send secondary staff or lay leaders to the JBC Network Conference.) You can check out with your Membership and Conference payments at the same time or individually. Author books are included with registration of lead staff person. (Please note, if you are not attending the conference, a set of author books are available for Network sites for an additional fee that can be purchased on the conference registration form.

If additional staff and/or lay leaders from your organization are registering for the 2019 JBC Network Conference, they MUST use the email address and password you set up for your site’s Membership registration to do so. Go to the + ADD ANOTHER REGISTRANT button on the Regpack dashboard, and complete the “Conference” form according to preferred participation. (The system should automatically account for the discounts offered for large lay leader groups as outlined in the 2019-2020 JBC Network Member Site Guidelines—so long as they are logged into the system correctly!) "Rogue" registrations will not be recognized; please make sure that your entire team registers under one user login. All payments must be made by the Network site. No individual layleader payments will be accepted.