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New Category and Dedication for the National Jewish Book Awards Announced

Celebrating the program's 66th year, Jewish Book Council is pleased to announce two new developments for the National Jewish Book Awards.

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Gayle Forman

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Calypso Jews

Calypso Jews

by Sarah Phillips Casteel

How hidden Sephardism captured the imagination of culturally diverse authors writing about the Caribbean after the end of the slave trade. read more

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From the JBC Blog

A Hat for Mrs. Goldman

by Nat Bernstein
It's rare that a children's book about doing a mitzvah truly tugs at an adults' heartstrings, but this story about knitting and love between a young Mexican American girl and her older Jewish neighbor might make you weep.

Interview with Anna Solomon

by Sophie Siegel
"Women constantly feel judged for the way they are balancing their work, parenting, and partnerships—often by themselves. In my fiction, I seek to observe and to empathize in a way that allows my readers to not only understand the choices my characters make but respect them for those choices."