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Book Giveaway: Win a Copy of Seinfeldia

Enter our giveaway contest by September 2 to win a copy of Jennifer Keishin Armstrong's highly popular book, Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything!

New Category and Dedication for the National Jewish Book Awards Announced

Celebrating the program's 66th year, Jewish Book Council is pleased to announce two new developments for the National Jewish Book Awards.

The Newest Dish on Jewish Fish

Discover the Jewish culinary renaissance of fishy fare with a panel event on Ashkenazi cuisine's most "acquired tastes" this September at the Center for Jewish History.

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Alligator Candy

Pick of the Week Alligator Candy

David Kushner

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Current Review

Here I Am

Here I Am

by Jonathan Safran Foer

Unhappy families have been grist for the mill for novels for as long as people have been writing and unhappy. Jonathan Safran's Here I Am is a worthy contribution to that dour company. read more

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From the JBC Blog

A Ghostwriter, on Being Visible

by Marjorie Ingall
"If you’re going to be a good ghostwriter, you have to set up and manage expectations before you leap. You and the client both have to honor your commitments. That’s what good parenting is, too."

In Whose Image?

by Zev Eleff
Why the only distinctly Jewish figure among the Portraits of the Lawgivers at the United Stated States Capitol was sculpted with an Arab headdress.