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2014 Jewish Book Council Chanukah Gift Guide

With Jewish Book Month in full swing, it's also time to start thinking about Chanukah, and, of course, that means Chanukah gifts.

JBC Circle Membership Program

Through “Unpacking the Book” and the JBC Circle membership program, embark on a journey with the Jewish Book Council as you explore questions sparked by the works of some of the great literary minds of the day.

National Jewish Book Club

JBC Book Clubs is excited to launch this new project which we hope will introduce you to new works of Jewish literature and reunite you with stories with which you may be quite familiar.

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Drawing in the Dust

Pick of the Week Drawing in the Dust

Zoe Klein

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by Maggie Anton

Maggie Anton takes readers on a journey to fourth-century Babylonia as she continues the story of Rav Hisda’s daughter. read more

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How Can We Explain Jewish Success in America?

by Adam D. Mendelsohn
"How within a generation or two, did American Jewry move upward so quickly from stitching in sweatshops to a position of prominence and preeminence within the American economy—and within American society, more broadly?"

Woody Guthrie's Hanukkah Songs

by Rabbi Joshua Eli Plaut
"Here is a recent American tale of old wine in new vessels. Part of our national folklore reveals that Woody Guthrie, the iconic American folk troubadour and songwriter, composed Hanukkah songs."