The Greatest Ten

Hummingbird Jewel Press  2016


This is a vividly, creatively, and artistically illustrated explanation of the Ten Commandments in child-friendly language, using concepts easy for children to understand and integrate into their daily lives. In short, rhyming segments—which the author suggests can be sung to the tune of This Old Man, He Played One—each of the Commandments is broken down into basic parts and presented in an accessible manner appropriate for children at any level of religious observance.

Back matter includes definitions and further information on the topic. The book can be used in conjunction with preparation for the holiday of Shavuot, in discussions about Jewish obligations and rules, or in a variety of other contexts in religious schools or in homes. The suggestion to use the book in a musical way adds to the creative possibilities for blending fun and learning in a preschool setting.

Bright colors and a fun song or rhyme make this an appealing choice. Recommended for ages 3 to 6.

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