For Program Coordinators

The JBC Network is currently accepting applications for 2016 – 2017 membership.
Please contact Suzanne Swift to inquire.

For your reference, the complete guidelines and schedule for JBC Network membership and participation in the upcoming year can be found here:

JBC Network 2016-2017 | Member Guidelines JBC Network 2016-2017 | Member Guidelines (652 KB)

Through the JBC Network program, the Jewish Book Council is able to provide extensive resources to the program coordinators of Jewish book festivals, speakers’ series, and cultural events. These services include introduction to authors interested in touring Jewish book programs, book program consultation, and professional networking. Each year, over 200 authors register for the JBC Network program. These authors, under the special terms of the JBC Network, travel without an honorarium to JBC Network member sites. The hosting venue covers all author travel expenses, and each event must include and promote a book sale.

Your organization’s membership dues of $600 for the 2016 – 2017 year entitles you to:
• Exclusive access to the JBC’s list of Jewish authors or authors on Jewish subjects with books published between September 2016 and December 2017.
• Ability to invite an unlimited number of authors throughout the year for no honorarium. (Select authors require a predetermined honorarium or other conditions.) Scheduling is subject to authors’ availability; member sites are responsible for author’s travel and expenses and must host a book sale at author’s event.
• An invitation to the JBC Network Conference, with presentations by nearly three hundred authors and opportunities for professional and lay development.
• Exclusive consultation and support from the JBC Network staff.
• Discounted admission to BookExpo America—this year in Chicago, May 11 – 13.
• Access to the JBC Network community of JCCs, synagogues, Hillels, Federations, youth groups, and cultural centers hosting author programs.
• Access to a password-protected website with book program resources.
• Jewish Book Month kit—a set of posters and bookmarks—sent to your site in the fall.
• Access to previous participating JBC Network authors upon request.

For further information about JBC Network membership, please contact Suzanne Swift at (347) 871-3567 or

2016 – 2017 JBC Network Calendar

Overview: The JBC Network year runs from May 1 – April 30. The initial scheduling period for the June 2016 – May 2017 touring year runs late June through early August.

January: Online registration for JBC Network membership and the annual Network Conference opens. The Conference is open to staff and lay leaders affiliated with the member site. Conference registration fee is not included in membership dues.
          Membership dues must be paid in full and delivered to the Jewish Book Council office no later than March 31. Late fees apply beginning April 1.

April: Conference registration and payment must be received by March 31.
          It is possible to register and/or submit payment for the Conference through April 15 for an additional fee.

May: Members receive the complete list of the 2016 – 2017 authors.
          Review copies of JBC Network books are mailed out to member sites attending the Conference and to those non-attending members who purchased a set separately.
          A site not attending the Conference has access to key author information in the Authors on Tour book, delivered by mail, and the JBC Network’s members-only website access.

The JBC Network Conference takes place May 24 – 26 in New York City. Members in attendance receive Authors on Tour—a book available only to JBC Network members, which includes book descriptions, author bios, list prices, publication information, program ideas, and the author’s travel availabilityand have the opportunity to hear from over 250 authors during five Meet the Author events at the Conference. (More information below.)

June: Members have a two-week “reading period” after the Conference, during which time they review the JBC Network authors and their books.
          Member sites submit initial author requests for the entire year to the Jewish Book Council. The request deadline for the 2016 – 2017 program is 9:00am DST on Thursday, June 9. Members may request authors anytime throughout the year, but certain authors’ availability may be more limited after this first round of requests.
          Approximately three weeks after the request deadline, the Jewish Book Council sends tentative schedules to members; members approve and/or make necessary changes.

July –August: The community-approved tentative schedules are sent to the authors for approval. Once the booking is confirmed by both author and member site, it is considered final. The Jewish Book Council then sends out an official confirmation letter and schedule to each host community and all participating authors, which must be signed and returned to the Jewish Book Council.

August 2016 – May 2017: As soon as bookings are confirmed, coordinators are responsible for contacting authors, using contact information provided by the Jewish Book Council. The details of this initial contact are outlined below. JBC Network travel agents begin working with coordinators and authors to book travel based on the finalized schedules. Additional requests by member sites are accepted (and encouraged) throughout the year.

2016 – 2017 JBC Network Registration Instructions

Jewish Book Council is working with the Regpack registration system again this year in efforts to improve the process for enrolling in the JBC Network for members and authors alike. Please set up a login using your email and a password you feel comfortable sharing with other members of your staff and proceed through the JBC Network Member Site form. Once you have completed the membership form, you will be taken to your Regpack user dashboard, where you will find a blue button in the upper righthand corner to + ADD ANOTHER REGISTRANT. If you plan to attend the 2016 JBC Network Conference (held May 24 – 26 in New York City), please click this button and to add “Conference” registrations for each attending delegate from your organization.

As a reminder: Conference registration is not complete until your organization’s JBC Network membership registration is complete and dues are paid in full. Each attending site must register one Lead Staff participant in order to send secondary staff or lay leaders to the JBC Network Conference.) You can check out with your Membership and Conference payments at the same time or individually.

If additional staff and/or lay leaders from your organization are registering for the 2016 JBC Network Conference independently, they MUST use the email address and password you set up for your site’s Membership registration to do so. Please provide them with your login information, direct them to the + ADD ANOTHER REGISTRANT button on the Regpack dashboard, and instruct them to select and complete the “Conference” form according to their preferred participation. (The system should automatically account for the discounts offered for large lay leader groups as outlined in the 2015-2016 JBC Network Member Site Guidelines—so long as they are logged into the system correctly!) "Rogue" registrations will not be recognized; please make sure that your entire team registers under one user login.