Through its many programs, JBC interacts with the full range of people who engage with books—authors, publishers, community event organizers, librarians, and of course, readers. The diversity and scope of these programs allows JBC to reach all demographics and denominations, online and face-to-face, across North America. 

Jewish Book Month

During the month before Hanukkah, the year's Jewish literary accomplishment is celebrated across North America under the sponsorship of the Jewish Book Council. Each year, a color poster featuring the original work of a noted artist along with matching bookmarks with lists of recommended books for adults and children from the past year are available from JBC. Jewish Book Month Kits can be ordered here.

JBC Literary Journal

JBC's annual literary journal features articles, interviews, excerpts of forthcoming works, and more that provide a snapshot of the current year’s Jewish literary landscape while also reflecting on the history of Jewish literature in America and abroad. The journal is scheduled to launch in November 2016. To subscribe, please click here.

National Jewish Book Awards

The National Jewish Book Awards is the longest running and most prestigious North American awards program in the field of Jewish literature. Awards are presented annually in over 18 categories to recognize outstanding books, stimulate writers to further literary creativity, and encourage the reading of worthwhile titles.  

Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature

The Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature awards $100,000--the largest award of its kind--to an emerging writer of a book of exceptional literary merit. Works considered for the prize demonstrate a fresh vision and an interest in serious themes of Jewish concern. The authors must show potential for further contribution to Jewish literature. Fiction and non-fiction books are considered in alternate years. 

JBC Network

The JBC Network serves as the coordinating hub for annual book tours, sending more than 250 authors to over 120 Jewish book programs around North America. The JBC Network provides additional resources and support for program coordinators. 

Jewish Book Council Blog

Daily updates on the JBC blog share the latest Jewish book reviews and news, as well as a series of guest posts from a different author each week. 

Unpacking the Book: Jewish Writers in Conversation

Join Jewish Book Council for an exciting new event series featuring incredible authors in an incredible venue. Hosted at The Jewish Museum in New York City, Unpacking the Book: Jewish Writers in Conversation will bring together some of the finest writers of the day for conversations around contemporary Jewish life and identity. Click here for more details.

Resources for Book Clubs

JBC creates and collects reading guides, discussion questions, and recommendations for further reading for book clubs to use to enhance their group conversation.  Additionally, JBC Book Clubs offers personalized book recommendations, the opportunity for book clubs to video chat with authors, and a dedicated area with special features and programs designed for book clubs. 

Weekly Book Recommendations

JBC’s free weekly e-mails share the latest JBC news, new book recommendations, and updates from the JBC blog. 

Author Programs for National Conferences

JBC coordinates and sponsors book sales and author appearances at large conferences for the Jewish community.  

Jewish Writers Seminars and Conferences

JBC hosts two annual conferences, the Jewish Writers Seminar: Writing for Adult Readers and the Jewish Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators Conference, that enable writers and illustrators to enhance their understanding of the Jewish literary market and gain insight into the path to publication.

Sami Rohr Library of Recorded Yiddish Books

The Sami Rohr Library of Recorded Yiddish Books is a 215 CD collection of 30 Yiddish classics read aloud by native Yiddish speakers for sale at a subsidized rate.