A Gefilte Fishy Tale

MB Publishing  2016


This picture book by Allison and Wayne Marks is a delightful rhyming tale filled with Yiddish expressions. A modern Bubbe buys a jar of gefilte fish for the family Shabbos dinner, but the jar refuses to open no matter how hard she tries. After Bubbe, Zayde, the neighbors, a mechanic, a doctor, a dentist and various other people attempt the task of getting the jar open, Bubbe’s young grandson, Jack, finally saves the day with his magic word (of course)!

The cartoon-like illustrations by Renee Andriani add to the fun. A glossary of Yiddish words, a gefilte fish mini-muffin recipe, and an original Shabbat song included in the text enhance the book’s appeal.

Recommended for ages 4–8.

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