A Hen for Izzy Pippik

Kids Can Press  2012


Times are tough in the little town where young Shaina lives. Then one day, a magnificent hen appears—a hen with beautiĀ­ful green feathers, a ruby red comb, and a winning personality. Looking around for its owner, Shaina finds only a wooden crate. IZZY PIPPIK: CHICKENS AND EGGS, a sign on the crate reads. Shaina decides she must protect the hen (she names it Yevka) from the hungry townspeople; Izzy Pippik, whoever he is, will surely return. That means she must also protect Yevka’s eventual chicks, and the chicks’ chicks, and so on. How the hen and its multitude of offspring breathe new life into the depressed town makes for a fun lesson about the rewards of doing the right thing despite difficult circumstances. Traditional Talmudic and Islamic texts form the bones of the story, which is delivered with a deft and witty touch. The illustrations are delightful and convey the chaos of the growing brood. The story however, is often quiet and subtle; some readers may wish for a rowdier, more rambunctious telling. Recommended for ages 5-8.

Reading Guide

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