A Life Twice Given

David Daniel
  • From the Publisher
May 3, 2016

Rachel and Joseph, a young Jew­ish cou­ple liv­ing near Wash­ing­ton, DC, ignore warn­ings by their super­sti­tious obste­tri­cian not to name their first­born, Joey. Their lives are turned upside-down when Joey is killed in a mys­te­ri­ous ATV acci­dent after a last-minute change of plans by his father. Dev­as­tat­ed and unwill­ing to let their son go, Rachel and Joseph seek the help of a mys­te­ri­ous Jew­ish sci­en­tif­ic fra­ter­ni­ty in Prague that is will­ing to clone Joey — but warns of unfore­seen com­pli­ca­tions. Joey’s sec­ond chance is ini­tial­ly filled with promise and love, but when tragedy strikes, Joey must come to terms with the mys­tery of his past and the uncer­tain­ty of his future.

A Life Twice Giv­en is an explo­ration of the essence of iden­ti­ty, chal­leng­ing tra­di­tion­al west­ern notions of mov­ing on after loss and the Jew­ish notions of the bound­aries between life, death, mys­ti­cism, and reality.

Vis­it­ing Scribe: David G. Daniel

How Far Would You Go to Give a Loved One Back Their Life?

What Mean­ing Does Tisha B’Av Hold for the Jew­ish Future?

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