A Life Twice Given

Berwick Court  2016


Rachel and Joseph, a young Jewish couple living near Washington, DC, ignore warnings by their superstitious obstetrician not to name their firstborn, Joey. Their lives are turned upside-down when Joey is killed in a mysterious ATV accident after a last-minute change of plans by his father. Devastated and unwilling to let their son go, Rachel and Joseph seek the help of a mysterious Jewish scientific fraternity in Prague that is willing to clone Joey—but warns of unforeseen complications. Joey's second chance is initially filled with promise and love, but when tragedy strikes, Joey must come to terms with the mystery of his past and the uncertainty of his future.

A Life Twice Given is an exploration of the essence of identity, challenging traditional western notions of moving on after loss and the Jewish notions of the boundaries between life, death, mysticism, and reality.

Visiting Scribe: David G. Daniel

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