A Parkin­son’s Primer: An Indis­pens­able Guide to Parkin­son’s Dis­ease for Patients and Their Families

  • From the Publisher
June 6, 2017
Here is the book that John Vine and his wife Joanne wish they could have con­sult­ed when John was first diag­nosed with Parkinson’s dis­ease — a non­tech­ni­cal per­son­al guide writ­ten from the patient’s per­spec­tive. Rely­ing on his expe­ri­ences over the past 12 years John writes knowl­edge­ably about all aspects of the dis­ease. John also inter­viewed oth­er Parkinson’s patients and their part­ners whose sto­ries and advice he includes through­out the book.

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