And the Bridge is Love

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

Every week for 20 years, three friends meet in a leafy enclo­sure under the Ver­raz­zano Bridge: Ger­tie, a feisty Nor­we­gian divorcee and for­mer ath­lete; Maria, a fam­i­ly-obsessed Ital­ian Amer­i­can wid­ow; and Corin­na, a book-lov­ing, hash-smok­ing eccen­tric. Togeth­er they sit and watch the sea as the ships — and the last years of their lives – sail by. On the eve of Gertie’s eight­i­eth birth­day, they real­ize time is run­ning out. Ger­tie decides she wants to trav­el the world. Maria secret­ly plots to reunite Ger­tie and Corin­na with their estranged fam­i­lies. And Corin­na falls in love.

As the women strike out in dif­fer­ent direc­tions, a series of events unfolds that threat­ens to destroy the most pre­cious thing of all: their friend­ship. Heart­felt and humor­ous, And the Bridge is Love invites read­ers to trav­el along­side these dynam­ic women in this inspir­ing nov­el about love, fam­i­ly and forgiveness.

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