Anna & Elizabeth

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May 3, 2016

Set against Hun­gary’s rich peas­ant cul­ture and rigid class divi­sions, span­ning the years from 1880 to 1944, Anna & Eliz­a­beth tells the sto­ry of two very dif­fer­ent women and their unlike­ly friend­ship: Anna, a Bap­tist woman from the coun­try­side, and Eliz­a­beth, her one-time Jew­ish employ­er. Inspired by the author’s grand­moth­er and the friend who tried to pro­tect her dur­ing the Holo­caust, this nov­el explores the strengths, joys, and sor­rows of per­son­al and fam­i­ly rela­tion­ships in trou­bled times.

Vis­it­ing Scribe: Sophie Cook

Heir­looms from Hungary

Writ­ing Between Whatever

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