Ariel Sharon: A Life

Random House  2006


Ariel Sharon was one of the most dramatic personalities in Israel’s history.

Always a leader, Sharon was a farmer turned soldier turned general turned politician. He was the embodiment of some of the most dynamic and courageous and exciting parts of Israel’s history. He spoke his mind and did what he thought was right regardless of the consequences.

This new biography of Sharon by Nir Hefez and Gadi Bloom gives insight into the warrior leader. The book is in translation and despite the limitations that translation implies, impressively transmits some of the great stories of Sharon’s life and career, with nuance and deep understanding.

Sharon was bigger than life, physically and emotionally. He was a person who people loved, hated, or loved to hate. This work unravels some of the mysteries behind the man. The authors reveal the inner working of his mind, explaining Sharon’s motivations and pragmatism as they reveal his vision. We see his priorities. We see his flaws.

Hefez and Bloom provide the reader with a true glimpse of a mythic man.

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