Camp Camp

Crown Publishers  2008

Exploring the rituals of summer camp, Camp Camp leads us on a journey that transcends the lives of adolescents as they explore their sexuality, conflict resolution skills, and their foray into adulthood, all within the span of eight glorified weeks. Through the use of pictures and personal stories this book brings back memories of campfires, bunkmates, Shabbat rituals, Visiting Day, Color War, and first loves. 

The overwhelming feeling of community allows campers to create a sense of self while learning to manage friendships, relationships, raging hormones, and social hierarchy. Each picture and story is familiar; if you have ever attended summer camp or know someone who has, you can find yourself somewhere within this book. 

Many contributors credit summer camp with their development as adults, both socially and professionally. This illustrates the authors’ point that summer camp is “the story of our generation.” While reeling between nostalgia and hysteria, we revel in Camp Camp’s desire to evoke childhood memories. Poking fun at each camp ritual, and those who participated in them, allows us to revisit the past. Beautifully composed, the pictures and stories are candid and sincere.

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