Can Robots Be Jew­ish?: Inspi­ra­tional Rab­bis Answer Press­ing Ques­tions of Mod­ern Life

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2019

Should we edit our chil­dren’s genes? Are there things that can­not be for­giv­en? Are Jews still expect­ing a mes­si­ah? Is Judaism good for women? Should Jews strive to be hap­py? What does Judaism say about love? Are we com­mand­ed to vote? Is democ­ra­cy a Jew­ish idea? Does Jew­ish law for­bid racism? Is silence con­sent? What sins should we atone for in our use of social media? When does life begin? Do Jews believe in an after­life? Can robots be Jew­ish? In this book, rab­bis span­ning the range of mod­ern Jew­ish thought, from Human­ist and Reform to Ortho­dox and beyond, con­sid­er these dif­fi­cult and provoca­tive ques­tions of our time and many oth­ers. Some­times they agree‚ but not often.

You do not have to be a schol­ar to fol­low these live­ly, acces­si­ble voic­es. They offer intel­li­gent dis­cus­sion of top­ics both time­ly and time­less, deep inter­ro­ga­tion of Jew­ish text, law and com­men­tary, and an unpar­al­leled look at the breadth, cre­ativ­i­ty, and con­tin­ued rel­e­vance of the Jew­ish tradition.

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