Chanukah Lights

Candlewick Press  2011


Chanukah Lights is a visually magnificent pop-up book.  The pristine, intricately detailed white pop-ups are set against the richly colored backgrounds and the craftsmanship is superb.  It is a coffee-table book, a work of art that is unlikely to survive constant handling.  The text, a short paragraph for each double page pop-up, does not have equal impact.  The meanings of several paragraphs are obscure and not suitable for the age recommended by the publisher, which is five years old.  On some pages, the text and pop-ups are mutually supportive, while on others they are confusing.  In addition, historical allusions are not explained, for example, “…where in the holds of ships refugees long for peace like the sight of land.”  This further diminishes the impact of the text portions of the book.  It would be wise to discuss the story and meaning of Chanukah before reading this book with children.  For ages 9 and up; however, the pop-ups are ageless.

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