David (Mon­ey at its Best: Mil­lion­aires of the Bible)

Ross Tay­lor
  • Review
By – October 10, 2011
David is an install­ment in the Mon­ey at its Best series, sub­ti­tled; How the Mil­lion­aires of the Bible Acquired and Used Their Wealth the Way God Intend­ed. It is a sur­vey of the life of David as por­trayed in the Bible both in the Prophets and through the Writ­ings. The nar­ra­tive begins with an intro­duc­tion of the events lead­ing up to his life begin­ning with Moses and the cre­ation of the Israelite peo­ple. Tay­lor draws on Bib­li­cal texts, the Chris­t­ian Bible, Chris­t­ian Bible crit­ics and mod­ern schol­ars, as well as on leg­ends, art pieces and folk­tales to cre­ate a pic­ture of David and his flaws. The accom­plish­ments of King David are por­trayed in the his­tor­i­cal the­o­ret­i­cal con­text of his times through which Tay­lor often under­mines the his­tor­i­cal pos­si­bil­i­ties of many of the David nar­ra­tives and focus­es on David’s flaws. In this book there are some beau­ti­ful artis­tic ren­di­tions of the David sto­ry and rep­re­sen­ta­tions of arti­facts that relate to his time. How­ev­er, the pre­sen­ta­tion of David is decid­ed­ly from a Chris­t­ian view­point with many Chris­t­ian Bible texts used to sup­port or con­tra­dict David’s behav­ior. (Editor’s note: Read­ers may wish to try Bar­bara Cohen’s biog­ra­phy enti­tled David from Clar­i­on Books, 1995, for a more authen­tic Jew­ish take on the sub­ject.) Grades 6 – 10.
Dro­ra Arussy, Ed.D., is an edu­ca­tion­al con­sul­tant who spe­cial­izes in inte­grat­ing Jew­ish and sec­u­lar stud­ies, the arts into edu­ca­tion, and cre­ative teach­ing for excel­lence in Jew­ish edu­ca­tion. She is the moth­er to four school-age chil­dren and has taught from pre-school through adult. Dro­ra is an adjunct pro­fes­sor of Hebrew lan­guage at Drew University.

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