Deb­o­rah’s Tree

Jane Yolen; Cosei Kawa, illus.

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September 7, 2021

Deb­o­rah has a gift; she can see the future

As Deb­o­rah grows up, so do the date palms that sur­round her home. Under these trees, peo­ple come from far and wide to seek guid­ance from the great prophet­ess and judge. In her dreams, Deb­o­rah fore­sees dan­ger to the peo­ple of Israel. She sum­mons a gen­er­al to speak with her beneath the date palms. War is com­ing and you must pre­pare,” she tells him. For the girl that grew up under the date palms, her moment of des­tiny has arrived. Based on the sto­ry of the bib­li­cal hero­ine Deborah.

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