Don't Sneeze At the Wedding

Kar-Ben Publishing  2013


Anna has a very important job at her Aunt Rachel’s wedding. She’s the flower girl, and in her beautiful pale pink dress, match­ing shoes, and wreath of flowers, she takes her job very seriously. The problem is, as the book’s title suggests, she wakes up on wed­ding day morning with a tickly nose. Ah-choo! Everyone, from Anna’s parents to the hair stylist to the rabbi, has advice for her, and she repeats their suggestions to herself over and over, to no avail, as it turns out. It’s easy to envision young readers chanting the sneeze-stopping techniques along with Anna in this charming book: press finger to lips, wiggle ear lobe, whisper “pineapple,” tap forehead, pinch nose, hold breath. The illustrations are also sweet and, along the way, Jewish wedding customs and terms (ketubah, chuppah, the seven blessings, and so forth) are simply and seamlessly included. This is a nice way to introduce children to this important life cycle event. Recommended for ages 5-9.

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