Evolv­ing Dhar­ma: Med­i­ta­tion, Bud­dhism, and the Next Gen­er­a­tion of Enlightenment

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May 13, 2013
Evolv­ing Dhar­ma: Med­i­ta­tion, Bud­dhism, and the Next Gen­er­a­tion of Enlight­en­ment is a next gen­er­a­tion” book about the chang­ing face of med­i­ta­tion and spir­i­tu­al­i­ty in Amer­i­ca, writ­ten by one of the world’s lead­ing BuJus (Bud­dhist Jews), For­ward colum­nist and best­selling author Jay Michael­son. The book explores the nexus between med­i­ta­tion and spir­i­tu­al­i­ty, the way in which many Jews today bring togeth­er Bud­dhism and Judaism, and how advances in neu­ro­science and sec­u­lar­iza­tion have made med­i­ta­tion more wide­spread than ever before. Evolv­ing Dhar­ma shows how med­i­ta­tion has moved from exot­ic spir­i­tu­al prac­tice to a sec­u­lar spir­i­tu­al tech­nol­o­gy” taught in pris­ons, schools, and syn­a­gogues, and provoca­tive­ly argues that new find­ings in neu­ro­science, cou­pled with new inter­est in med­i­ta­tion’s proven ben­e­fits to phys­i­cal and men­tal health, will lead to an explo­sion in con­tem­pla­tive fit­ness” in health­care, cor­po­rate, and edu­ca­tion­al con­texts. Dr. Jay Michael­son, recent­ly includ­ed on the For­ward 50 list of the most influ­en­tial Amer­i­can Jews, is a sought-after teacher who has been a schol­ar in res­i­dence at over 30 syn­a­gogues around the country. 

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