Girls with Bright Futures

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2020

Girls With Bright Futures is the sto­ry of three Seat­tle prep school moth­ers whose daugh­ters are locked in com­pe­ti­tion for a sin­gle spot at Stan­ford. As the com­pe­ti­tion heats up, one of the girls suf­fers a near-fatal acci­dent that sends this priv­i­leged com­mu­ni­ty into a spi­ral of pan­ic and accu­sa­tions, until one can’t help but won­der if there’s any line these fam­i­lies would­n’t cross to secure their daugh­ters’ futures. The book is a sus­pense­ful read with a side of satire that takes a deep dive into the col­lege indus­tri­al com­plex, income inequal­i­ty, and elite enti­tle­ment. While the reli­gious affil­i­a­tions of the nov­el­’s main char­ac­ters are not spec­i­fied, the authors are both Jew­ish and the book’s focus on elite high­er edu­ca­tion will like­ly res­onate with many Jew­ish families.

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